Our Process

Our Process

Design to Manufacture Process

Step 1 – Conceptual / Quoting Phase

If you need a design created around a part, a member of our sales team will go over your needs and requirements via email, conference, call, or make an on-site visit.  From there, our design team will create a conceptual design.  Once it’s approved, we can move onto the quoting phase, where we check for material availability and ease of manufacture. 

If you have an existing design we can go over it and move into the quoting phase from there.

Step 2 - Prototype and Test

Our fabricators will manufacture the design for a trial run to ensure the design works as intended.  Adjustments can be made before we move into full production.  We can also test fit physical parts into the design, if provided.

Step 3 - Production

Once the prototype is approved, we can build a full production run to accommodate your shipping needs.


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