Returnable Steel Rack Systems

Returnable Steel Rack Systems

Returnable Steel Rack Systems are our specialty and are produced in quantities from 1 to 1000. Matcon has a specialized design to manufacture process for creating each unique steel rack.

Our experienced sales engineers meet with your packaging team at your location to discuss your requirements. Many aspects are taken into consideration such as transportation, utilization, part orientation, safety, ergonomics, etc. With this information our in-house design engineering team creates a concept to satisfy your requirements.

Matcon then utilizes functional prototyping of approved designs as part of the product design process to validate that the packaging meets all requirements. Our experienced prototyping team effectively brings your design to reality. Explore Matcon's returnable packaging products or contact Matcon today to discuss your custom steel rack system needs.

After concept approval, our prototype department goes to work creating the one-off designs to prove out the concept, receive your approval based on site part fit up. Once accepted the prototype goes to the “build to” drawing stage and then to the production phase.



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