In-House Design Capabilities

Matcon is unique in that we offer a complete in-house design service, using Solidworks and Creo software to create innovative solutions that meet your specific application. We are the experts at designing returnable packaging. We are able to work directly with your engineers, production team, and suppliers until we fully understand your needs before we provide you with a conceptual solution.

Once a concept is created, we can schedule an online design review. This allows us to present our 3D design in real time and answer your team’s questions or make necessary adjustments prior to prototyping. Our experienced designers not only design the rack or container to meet your needs, but we also look at all areas to improve quality and performance while reducing waste and saving space.

If you have an existing design, sample rack, model, or print, our design experts will be happy to review it. We offer the capability to reverse engineer the design to identify areas that can be improved for manufacturability and cost savings. We will give you our unbiased recommendations and provide a design that fits your application. Once we have generated a model for the revised design we can provide you with a quote. The model wil also remain on file to address future questions your team might have.

Factors we consider in our designs


- Costs (Initial and Repair) - Product protection
- Ergonomics - Safety
- Freight optimization - Standardization
- Lineside presentation - Sustainability
- Part density - Transportation cost


Prototyping is the key step that ensures the fit, form, and function of the product prior to full-scale production. As with our design service, we also offer prototyping services under the same roof. This allows our designers to work closely with our fabricators to ensure that the design will work as intended, including test-fitting parts if provided. This also allows us to make unforeseen adjustments along the way.

After the prototype is built and inspected by us, we will then ship the rack to your facility for your team to review. If you feel there is a need for any changes or adjustments, no worries. Simply send it back and we will make the adjustments you requested.

Your satisfaction is our top priority!


3D Cad Drawing of Kitting Rack

3D Designs of Racks

The Matcon Advantage

Matcon provides solutions to our customers rather than simply mass produced products. We specializes in designing custom solutions for packaging and material handling applications. Our design and engineering staff work with you to understand the specific requirements needed to provide the right solution. Honesty, Trust, and Dependability are why so many of our clients have used Matcon repeatedly.

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How may we help you?

Matcon specializes in designing custom solutions for packaging and material handling applications. We invite you to contact us with your requirements, questions, and quotation requests. A representative will be in contact with you quickly to assist you.

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