Our Processes and Procedures

Matcon is committed to Quality and Safety in every product we manufacture. This is not just a marketing statement but a formal process followed from the design phase through final assembly and delivery.

We are engaged in continuous improvement initiatives and have developed formal processes and policies concerning monitoring and inspection quality. This process begins at the design and engineering step to ensure that the design will meet or exceed the client’s specifications and requirements and that the part will function properly.

Our quality inspections consist of checking whether accepted or held methods can produce a quality performance per the design. These quality checks are completed at critical steps of the production and may include checking dimensional accuracy, welds, and tolerances.

Quality Inspection Steps

Quality inspections consist of checking whether accepted or held methods, can produce quality performance in accordance with the design.

- Sub-Assembly Check
- Tack Assembly Check
- Finish Welded Check
- Finished Assembly Check

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