Why Choose a Returnable Shipping Rack for Your Packaging Needs?

If you manufacture and ship, you already understand the difficulties associated with packaging. Depending upon your situation a returnable shipping rack solution may offer a safer, cost-effective, and more durable alternative over your current expendable packaging method.


  • Reduces chances of employee injury associated with handling and repacking.
  • More ergonomically friendly.
  • Steel Racks are a safer stackable solution for vertical integration.

Cost Effective:

  • Reduces inventory and just-in-time deliveries.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative leads to reduction in disposal costs.
  • Maximizing trailer density allows for reduction in transportation costs.


  • Reduces / eliminates part damage and waste.
  • Studies show that reusable racks last longer and are more versatile than expendable packaging.
  • Designed and built to withstand severe handling during transit.

Our primary focus is getting your product from supplier to end user safely, while maximizing the density and reducing your transportation cost. We design and manufacture custom returnable shipping racks that provide a durable solution in handling the challenges in the transportation loop.
We work with you and take the time to understand your entire situation, as well as the environment, stresses, handling, transportation, weights and tolerances that are required to custom design the right solution.
We provide guidance and recommendations on developing your rack based on our years of experience and troubleshooting issues before the design is developed. We include you and your preferences in developing the rack.

Explore our custom fabricated rack solutions for specific applications:



For assistance on selecting the best returnable solution for your application, please contact us at (309) 654-9031.

Roof Rack

How may we help you?

Matcon specializes in designing custom solutions for packaging and material handling applications. We invite you to contact us with your requirements, questions, and quotation requests. A representative will be in contact with you quickly to assist you.

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