Industrial Bag Racks

An industrial bag rack is an economical way to store and protect unique shaped and or light weight parts with delicate or special handling requirements as they move from supplier to end user. The suspended vinyl fabric pouches take a generic shape to securely hold the part without having to create positive capture points.

We provide customers with fabric dunnage solutions for their material handling needs and product protection. Our products are used in handling a broad range of manufactured interior and exterior parts by many OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies across North America. Matcon has been providing customized, flexible returnable packaging solutions for over 30 years.


Matcon designs and engineers each bag based on your application requirements and other factors to create a reusable storage solution that improves your operation. Below are just a few benefits realized:

  • Less expensive than using custom dunnage components
  • Great for plastic parts with unusual shapes, no need for capture points
  • Custom cell configuration
  • Some designs can be collapsible
  • Higher part densities
  • UV resistant materials offered
  • Wide range of materials offered to protect all types of surfaces
  • Offers a greater flexibility, one common dimension that can hold similar products
  • Racks are re-configurable to handle new products and extend the life of the rack.

Our Unique Design Approach

Bag racks are designed around four main factors:

  1. Determining the desired footprint
  2. Density – how many parts can fit onto a rack
  3. Part orientation and cell configuration of the bags
  4. Material selection

Bag racks are designed around three main factors, how the part is loaded, what material are used for the cells and how are the cells configured. We ask the right questions to prioritize the focus of the design to meet your application requirements. We focus on whether the bag rack is focused on the footprint or part density or a hybrid of both.
Our approach to designing a custom bag rack starts by understanding the goals of the client
The footprint can be determined by the 4 main factors including part geometry, trailer cube, part density, line side space

To meet or exceed the expectations of the client.



The Matcon Advantage

Matcon provides solutions to our customers rather than simply mass produced products. We specializes in designing custom solutions for packaging and material handling applications. Our design and engineering staff work with you to understand the specific requirements needed to provide the right solution. Honesty, Trust, and Dependability are why so many of our clients have used Matcon repeatedly.

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How may we help you?

Matcon specializes in designing custom solutions for packaging and material handling applications. We invite you to contact us with your requirements, questions, and quotation requests. A representative will be in contact with you quickly to assist you.

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