Work in progress (WIP) carts and racks are primarily utilized internally to help streamline your production process by storing and safely moving products within a facility through different stages of development. WIP carts and racks are the optimal solution to storing and protecting parts and components for the following situations:

Storage and part protection of WIP inventory

When a business manufactures a part in bulk to create inventory the parts will need to be stored and protected against damage until needed. A WIP rack is designed to hold the part securely while protecting the finish until the final assembly is required.     

Moving products within a facility production line

Whether the part is moving between fab stations or moving finished parts to the assembly line, WIP carts are a great way to transfer materials from one process to another safely, while also providing part protection. WIP carts can be hooked into a train and easily pulled behind a tugger, or they can be pushed by hand for efficient work flow.
Each WIP cart and rack Matcon fabricates is custom designed and purpose-built to meet the customers' specifications and processes. We will take the time to discuss your situation and fully understand your process so we can come up with an optimal solution.

Design Considerations:

  • Ergonomics
  • Functionality
  • Part Protection
  • Safety

Why Order a Custom WIP Cart or Rack?

A custom designed and fabricated WIP Cart from Matcon is more than just a rack, but a solution formulated from a design that takes your situation and factors into consideration, resulting in a piece of equipment that provides added benefits. Our WIP carts are designed to hold the part safely and securely so that it shows up to the lineside assembly ready, which improves work flow practices and supports efficiencies on the line.



The Matcon Advantage

Matcon provides solutions to our customers rather than simply mass produced products. We specializes in designing custom solutions for packaging and material handling applications. Our design and engineering staff work with you to understand the specific requirements needed to provide the right solution. Honesty, Trust, and Dependability are why so many of our clients have used Matcon repeatedly.

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How may we help you?

Matcon specializes in designing custom solutions for packaging and material handling applications. We invite you to contact us with your requirements, questions, and quotation requests. A representative will be in contact with you quickly to assist you.

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